? Visited Australia (Brisbane and Sydney) in 1989 to market the MediPulse Electro-therapy
machine manufactured by a client in South Africa.
? Studied the therapeutic equipment market as well as the Australian Complimentary
Health industry with reference to housing for the aged.
? Registered an export company with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Association.
Joined the marketing team of the company Away-with-Pain to market and distribute the
EasyTreat Electro-therapy machine.
? Marketed and promoted electro-therapy machines at the Retirement Living Exhibition in
? Visited Brisbane again to study the Wellness and Health market in the major retirement
areas of the Australian Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.
? Promoted the principle of Green Aging and Green Village Living as well as marketing the
Green Village houses at the Natural and Organic Show in Cape Town.
Leading the marketing campaign of the Green Village development in Wellington in 2008
to 2011.

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