? Employed as Architect’s Assistant during part time studies until departure for United
Kingdom in 1965.

? Employed under supervision of the Royal Institute of Architects and studied part time in
preparation for the Intermediate examination.
? Joined practice of Thomas Ibriony in Toronto, Canada.
? Returned to South Africa and re-joined major architectural practice in Pretoria. Gained
experience while continuing studies at the University of Pretoria. Acted as project leader
in medium sized projects, while responsibilities were progressively increased in relation
to experience gained. In full control of own projects later, as partner in this practice.
? Managing Pretoria office. In charge of large scale projects from project development,
project administration, production, contract administration, project co-ordination through
to final completion.
? As director of a property development company was involved with the development of
two major projects including a retirement village and specialized facilities in care for the
? Appointed as consulting architect for patented building system.
? In charge of a manufacturing plant of the system.
? Involved with the launching of the system in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria as technical
? Appointed as the Technical Director of a major housing development in Abuja, Nigeria as
Technical Director of the development company.
? Founded an autonomous property development company.

? Was involved in the following research projects, mostly personally initiated:
? The planning, development and establishment of a Health and Wellness Centres
Network, from 1990 to 2000.
? The principle of Participation Sponsorship for the finance and erection of social services
? Dry stacking as a building system with particular application in the field of an Affordable
Housing System.
? Investigating the feasibility of a unique combination of tourism and wellness facilities
named the Life Estate Concept and the Earth-and-Spirit concept. Visited Australia on
several occasions to investigate “green” technology and eco-friendly property
development and to study the Australian Green Building system.
? Presently involved in the development of a patented non-combustible cast fibre building
material, with reference to, but not limited to, thatch roof construction.


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