“I have been involved in architecture, building and property for most of my adult life. Coming from
a family always involved with engineering and construction in one way or another, buildings and
real estate came to be symbolic of my stable and solid family life. Being highly creative too,
architecture was the obvious career choice for me.
After two years at the School of Architecture, I wanted a broader base of experiential knowledge
and spurned on by the then prevailing situation in my beloved country, I went abroad to further
my studies and set up a new life. Having reached the intermediate level, I returned, completed my
studies and graduated.
As an aspiring young architect bent on making this world a better place, I built my first two houses
by myself getting down and dirty in the conviction that building material and products are my paint
colours and I am an artist creating a composition where the product is greater than the sum of the
I was blacklisted to do government work due to the politics of the day and my client base was
almost exclusively private people and developers. Many of them, if not most, were entrepreneurs
and self-made men and women. I was in many instances more than the appointed architect and
was drawn into the entire intricate process of bringing a building project to fruition including
marketing, financial structuring, procurement of investors and building construction. Buildings as
such were more to me than the end result of my creativity and for a while I even involved myself,
as production manager, with erecting and managing a building product manufacturing plant.
Although never wavering from my beloved profession, I moved beyond the scope of the
architectural practice into the world of property development and construction, eventually
breaking new ground as a convicted participant of what started as the Green Revolution.
It will always be part of my nature, blessed with incredibly good health, to look for new and better
ways, even at an age where most people consider retirement”.
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